When I first stopped Jennifer at the gym to ask a few questions, I was immediately impressed with her knowledge. I had been having major IT band issues in my left leg and I was feeling extremely frustrated. I knew I had two routes to take to solve the problem. I could go to physical therapy or I could work with a personal trainer. I chose to go with a personal trainer after I met Jennifer. What I really liked was that Jennifer listened to me. She understood that my main focus was to fix my IT band issue, so that I could go back to training for triathlons. She then focused my workouts on improving my form and strengthening my legs, as well as my arms for swimming.

At my first session she noticed the way my knees moved when I did Squats. This turned out to be a key problem to my IT band pain. Just by adjusting my knees to drive forward, I was back to being able to run a 5K in about three weeks. Prior to that I could barely get through a mile without pain showing up. Through our training, I also learned the importance of my hip placement during strength training and during my runs. I then realized I had a horrible running form and quickly began adjusting it. My confidence in my running quickly improved as the pain showed up less.

I really enjoyed training with Jennifer. She always came prepared to each session. She would bring articles on triathlons and running, which personalized my training even more. I have met my goal while working with her. I feel she went above and beyond me achieve it. I owe her a huge THANK YOU for her hard work and dedication to my training session. It was a fantastic experience.
Jessica Payne

I started a core training program with Jennifer Alton as another member recommended her, who is close in age to me also with special needs. At 58 years old, I thought I was in moderately good shape from years of cycling and light gym work. However, a worsening chronic back pain problem from three bulging discs made me realize I had much needed work to do on increasing core strength and flexibility. Jennifer's training was the key in developing a program that met my needs. 

After a thorough evaluation and discussion of my concerns and goals we started on a multi session program. Jennifer always made sure I had warmed up and stretched before we began. She also evaluated how my back was feeling that day and how the training may need to be modified as a result. Jennifer always projected a positive attitude , which helped overcome my initial lack of confidence. She was also careful in making sure I was doing the exercises with the correct form and proper breathing. 

Her diligence in observing me and correcting me when needed was impressive. A couple of our sessions were devoted to Yoga poses in which she is quite knowledgeable. At the end of every session, I was given a written copy of all we had done, including the weight used, repetitions and sets. At the end of the training program a thorough re-evaluation was done with a discussion of how I could progress in the future. In the end, I felt I had quite a bit of knowledge about what I could do to increase my core, functional strength as well as my flexibility.

In addition to being quite knowledgeable, positive and focused, Jennifer has an intuitive feel for tailoring training to meet individual needs. I would highly recommend Jennifer as a trainer to anyone.
Jim Rinehart

Prior to training with Jennifer Alton, I was taking several medications for thyroid, blood pressure and high cholesterol. My posture was terrible, creating a significant forward lean which interfered with my balance. By strengthening my core and working with corrective exercises for my postural deviations, I now feel comfortable working on roofs and other construction projects. Jennifer helped me with my eating habits. I have lost 65 pounds and enjoy a healthy body fat percent of 12.5. I feel great! I'm so glad being lethargic is in my past !
Fred McCollum 

My wife and I retired in our early 60's to enjoy the rewards of our hard earned years of our labor. Unfortunately, I didn't keep up on my physical health. I suffered form severe sciatic back and knee pain which made me walk all hunched over. Eating healthy was not a priority. Before I met Jennifer my eating portions were full of calories and enough to feed 4 people! I felt tired and it was difficult to get off the couch. Jennifer has showed me to be consistent with my exercise routine and get past the pain. She has taught me how to strengthen and lengthen key muscle groups which help me move around so much better. I still have some work to go but I did weigh 328 pounds and now I weigh 259. I'm getting there. Every day is a step closer to my fitness goal. Jenn celebrates each successful milestone with me as I perform another exercise well or see a lower number on the scale. I know Jennifer is my encouraging counterpart as I continue toward a Healthier Me !
Bob McKenzie
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